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№3 (5), 2016























5 Nazarenko L.G., Nedorezov K.M. Prediction of success criteria of vaginal delivery in women with cesarean section in anamnesis

11 Kusa L., Shovgenyuk R., Bendas M. Сlinical significance of intrauterine infection in pregnancy and prevention methods

16 Kryvopustov O.S. Role of progesterone-induced blocking factor in the prediction and treatment of miscarriage

19 Kurtash N.Y., Perhulyn O.M. Evaluation of disorders of hormonal status placenta in pregnant women with HBV infection

23 Gordienko I.Yu., Avramenko T.V., Shevchenko A.А., Tarapurova О.М., Velichko A.V., GrebinichenkoG.O. Spinal dysraphism: prenatal diagnosis, clinical and neurological features, the cases from practice

31 Lukyanova І., Medvedenko G., Zhuravel I., Tarasyuk B., Ivanova L. Drawing of prenatal and postnatal parallels at fetus with critical congenital heart disease


39 Dzyuba O.M. The sonoelastography in the diagnostics of the reproductive system diseases (review of the literature and personal observations)

43 Chubatyi А.I., Hnatko О.P., Ostrovska S.О. Ectopic pregnancy: modern view on the problem

47 Boiko V.I., Nikitina I.M., Yezhova O.V. Modern aspects of treatment of ovarian endometriosis

52 Feskov A.M., Tuchkina I.A., Feskov V.A. Preservation of fertility in breast cancer (literature review and own data)


56 Medvedieva N.L. Evaluation of FGB gene polymorphic variants and fibrinogen levels in women with reproductive disorders


61 Unified Clinical Protocols of primary, secondary (specialized) and tertiary (highly specialized) medical care: ABNORMAL UTERINE BLEEDING


81 2nd East European Congress on Pain

83 Women’s health — XXI century. Strategy and tactics of solutions of interdisciplinary problems of aesthetic gynecology

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