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№1 (3), 2016






















Original papers


5 H.D. Koval, V.V. Chopyak, А. Kamyshnyi. The changes of immune regulation of immune response in endometriosis associated with infertility


11 M.R. Orazov, V.E. Radzinskiy, O.M. Nosenko. Еxpression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in uterine tissues as one of the mechanisms of algogenezis in adenomyosis, associated with chronic pelvic pain


17 M.-V.V. Samoylova. Sonographic features of ovary endometriosis diagnostics




20 M.O. Korostil, O.O. Chorna. Fetal growth retardation in term and premature pregnancy


24 V.I. Pyrohova, N.V. Shchuruk, M.I. Malachynska, S.O. Shurpiak. On the issue of hemolytic disease prevention in the fetus and newborn


29 A.S. Zanko, D.M. Semenov. Phenomenon of the biological resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics in pregnancy


34 I.S. Lukianova, G.F. Medvedenko, O.D. Zhadan, T.V. Avramenko, O.V. Golovchenko. Hemodynamic predictors of perinatal complications in pregnant women with gestational diabetes (according to the ultrasound data)


39 N.H. Skuriatina. Analysis of the pregnancy and childbirth in women with cervical pathology


Gynecology (Children Gynecology)


44 М.А. Михайлюта, Ю.А. Кириченко, С.І. Манащук, О.В. Колодинська.  Досвід  лікування та профілактики пубертатних маткових кровотеч


49 O.M. Gorbatyuk. Surgical Management of Acute Appendicular Genital Syndrome in Girls


52 О.P. Gnatko, А. Chubatyi, L.L. Semeniyk. Effect of somatic and gynecological pathology on reproductive health of adolescent girls


56 S.M. Melnykov. Treatment of dysmenorrhea: the focus on pharmacotherapy of the pelvic pain


Interdisciplinary Issues


61 V.O. Beniuk, A.I. Kurchenko. Immunomodulatory features of the modern probiotic drugs


66 А. Mykytenko, D. Yankovskiy, G. Dyment, Т. Beregova, К. Neporada. Probiotic concept for treatment of generalized chronic periodontitis in women


71 T.M. Bilko, O.S. Ahtemiychuk. Influence of the nutritional composition of the diet
on the immune state of female mucosa


77 Abdulrahman Abdulbaset Moslem, O.M. Makarchuk, S.O. Kantymyr. Evaluation of liver function and haemogram parameters in women with hyperproliferative uterine disorders


80 K. Lishchuk-Yakymovych. Antiphospholipid syndrome in the obstetricians practice


Clinical Protocols


83 Breast cancer. Unified clinical protocol of the primary, secondary (specialized), tertiary (highly specialized) medical care (2015)


Medical Events


97 17th World Congress of Gynecological Endocrinology

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